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Fitness is for everyone ​and we believe in its ​life-changing benefits.

We are fully committed to guiding you in this journey.

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Cubbon Park - Group fitness

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Why breathwork is helpful

Bodyweight training &Yoga

Body weight training & Yoga

Beginner-friendly Classes


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What our members have to say

Lovely community and fun rides. - Vandit

Samuel Richard - Love the thursday cycling nights concept! A really nice way to unwind and ​meet new people. Looking back, a year ago there weren't too many cyclists around bangalore ​and now we have people riding to work on their bicycles! SF Cycling nights is a good start to ​rekindle your passion for cycling. Plus what would be a better way to enjoy the Bangalore ​weather than on your bicycle!!

one of the first groups to bring forth cycling nights. 10 years ago, when it started , ​there was a huge impact on the minds of commuters who saw the chain of cyclists ​riding around town. Let's say, it's a positive change of thought that was sown and ​lots of people started cycling from then on . cycling long distances is not considered ​weird now !

cycling around Bengaluru is one thing. Cycling at night... is ​a totally new and refreshing experience! Try it out everyone

And experiencing it With South Fire Cycling adds a lot of ​fun to it as the organizer is very friendly and enthusiastic!


The best cycle experience in Bangalore where shared space is ​normal and felt very safe all together. What a beautiful city! ​Green, culture, nice people and the best tour guide a board.


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South Fire Sport

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